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Trend legend Renato Balestra has handed away

Balestra opened his first fashion atelier in 1959 in Rome, after completing his apprenticeship with Veneziani and working for Emilio Schubert, Maria Antonelli and Sorelle Fontana.

Born into a family of architects and engineers, he stood out with a unique artistic spirit and was often described as a “fashion painter”.

Known for combining fabrics with transparent materials, colorful embroideries and chic creations, his surname is also associated with a special color – Balestra Blue.

His passion for film and theater art led him to design creations for Ava Gardner in the films The Barefoot Contessa and The Sun Rises Again, Gina Lollobrigida in The Most Beautiful Woman in the World, Sophia Loren in The Happiness of Being a Woman, Candice Bergen in The Adventurers…

He also created the costumes for Rossini’s opera Cinderella, which was performed on the stage of the National Theater in Belgrade in 1998.

In 2013, in the Ceremonial Hall of the Belgrade City Assembly, he organized a fashion show to help children without parental care and presented the latest collection with which he also closed the Haute Couture Week in Rome.

Balestra also distinguished himself by combining men’s and women’s fashion and was a pioneer in creating unisex combinations.

His name has become one of the synonyms for the fashion industry, and Renato Balestra is the winner of all international awards in the world of fashion.

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