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Montenegro should not be inferior to the Open Balkans

Djelosaj says that they do not understand the inferiority of certain political structures in Montenegro.

“It is below the level, but everyone should be offered a chance to change. We are a member of NATO and we should not be afraid of anyone. We should be open to cooperation with everyone, especially with our neighbors,” Djelosaj wrote on his Twitter account.

As he said, the backbone of the Open Balkans will be Montenegro, Albania and Northern Macedonia – three NATO member states, with great support from the United States.

“Kosovo, as the youngest country, will also be part of the Open Balkans. It is, along with Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, a total of six countries. The Open Balkans is a joint project of our most important international partners, and I am personally educated, not only politically, to I classify it with American values, without exceptions, “said Djelosaj.

According to him, the open Balkans put an end to the mutual recognition of Serbia and the so-called Kosovo and closes, as he said, “the most important open issue between the countries of the Western Balkans.”

“We cannot reach the EU if we do not open up to our neighbors,” Djelosaj concluded.

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