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Swimming relay of Serbia for the primary time within the finals of the World Championship

The Serbian team achieved a great result and they were missing five tenths to break the state record they set at the Olympic Games in Tokyo when they were tenth.

Stjepanović swam the first section by 48.98 and was fourth, and the second swam Uroš Nikolić, who swam his section by 48.93.

Andrej Barja started third and swam the section the fastest in the team by 47.25 and was the fastest in the entire qualifications. Acin put an end to the placement in the finals by swimming the section for 49.10.

The final race is scheduled for 7.36 pm at the Danube Arena in Budapest, and all world powers in swimming, the United States, Australia, Hungary, Great Britain, Canada, Italy and Brazil, will compete for medals with the Serbian team.

Only Velimir Stjepanović and Andrej Barna will take part in the individual races. Stjepanovic, multiple European champion, will try to reach the finals in the 200 freestyle and 200 dolphin races, and Andrej Barna in the 100 and 50 freestyle.

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