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The British envoy for the Western Balkans, Stuart Peach, is in Pristina

Stuart Peach reiterated Great Britain’s commitment to peace and stability in the Western Balkans, as well as initiatives for regional cooperation, according to a statement from Curti’s cabinet.

Kurti said that his government is committed to full normalization of relations with Belgrade and mutual recognition.

Emphasizing the importance of visa liberalization for the inhabitants of the Republic of Kosovo, Kurti reiterated the government’s intention and commitment to become part of the European Union and NATO.

There was talk of regional cooperation and common regional market within the Berlin process. They also discussed the “Western Balkans Summit 2022”, which is organized by Economist, in cooperation with the Prime Minister’s Office, and which is scheduled for tomorrow in Pristina.

Pič came to Pristina a few days after Gabriel Escobar and Miroslav Lajčak.

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