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The northern a part of Kosovo and Metohija continues to be blocked, calm on the barricades

Miloš Garić: We have entered an extremely risky phase of this crisis

Miloš Garić, editor of the Kosovo Online portal, tells RTS that Aljbin Kurti is ready to go to the end as long as they let him go from the West to implement anti-Serb policy.

“With the events of the previous two days, we have entered a definitely extremely risky phase of this crisis, and that is what is completely clear. Kurti’s announcements, especially yesterday’s, that he will oppose the Serbs with all the force at his disposal, because he considers the Serbs to be criminals and that he has every right to send an entire arsenal of weapons and police officers against them. We have every reason to be afraid and to prepare for very dangerous events that are ahead of us and that may resemble those of 2004 and 2008 in Kosovo,” Garić said. .

He says that he spoke with Davor Marković yesterday immediately after, as he said, special units harassed and beat him near Gazivode.

“He was driving his car and came across that patrol. They pulled him out of the car, threw him into the canal, stripped him, took off his boots and socks, and shot randomly towards the hills and Serbian villages, causing danger, they kept him for more than an hour in such position and looked at the lists on which they are looking for some Serbs,” said Garić.

He states that Kurti wants to conquer that area by force, because they are bothered by the presence and resistance of the Serbs.

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Gordana Stijačić’s interview with Miloš Garić

In more detail

The northern part of Kosmet is still blocked

RTS correspondent Andrija Igić reports that the north of Kosmet is still blocked both by the citizens and the police. It is not possible to cross the Jarinje and Brnjak crossings either on foot or by car.

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Andrija Igić’s report (06.00)

Traffic is closed on the main roads in the north of Kosovo and Metohija, and you can only move on secondary roads.

The night passed peacefully at the barricades erected by the Serbs as a sign of protest against the arrest of former member of the Kosovo police Dejan Pantić.

The Prime Minister in Pristina, Aljbin Kurti, announced that the barricades should be removed immediately, so the night passed in anticipation of the action of the Kosovo police.

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, said last night that he pointed out to international partners the recklessness of Pristina, regarding the arrest of Dejan Pantić. He also said that the text of the request that will be sent to the KFOR commander for the return of a certain number of members of the Serbian army and police to the territory of Kosovo and Metohija has been agreed upon in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution 1244.

Before midnight, gunshots and detonations were heard from time to time, but there was no information about injuries or wounds.

According to Davor Marković, members of the special Kosovo police stopped him and his son on the Lučka Reka – Gazivode road near the pond and detained them for more than an hour.

He says that his son suffered head injuries and that he received first aid at the ambulance in Zubin Potok.

Around 19:00, two detonations rang out, but their origin is unknown.

Kosovo President Vjosa Osmani said that an agreement had been reached to postpone the elections to April 2023.

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