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The Prosecutor’s Workplace in Novi Unhappy ordered an investigation in opposition to the suspect for forcing girls into prostitution

The suspect is charged with the criminal offense of human trafficking, which is punishable by at least five years in prison, the prosecution announced.

At the proposal of the prosecution, the court ordered the suspect into custody due to the existence of circumstances that indicate that he will interfere with the proceedings by influencing the witnesses and due to circumstances that indicate that he could repeat the criminal offenses in a short period of time, the spokesperson of the High Court in Novi Sad, Jelena Ostojin, confirmed for Tanjug.

The suspect is accused of recruiting, holding and exploiting three women by force and threat for the purpose of prostitution, that is, providing sexual services to clients in a large number of rented apartments in Novi Sad.

In order to protect the victims of sexual exploitation, the public prosecutor determined the status of especially sensitive witnesses to the injured persons.

The Higher Public Prosecutor’s Office in Novi Sad will, in accordance with the law, conduct an investigation, within which it will collect all the evidence and undertake all the necessary evidentiary actions in order to make a public prosecutor’s decision.

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