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The Taiwanese army discovered the stays of a climate balloon, which they think is Chinese language

Early in the morning, Taiwanese forces spotted an unknown object falling from the sky on Dongjin Island, part of the Taiwan-controlled Matsu Archipelago off the coast of China’s Fuzhou, and later found the remains of the balloon, Reuters reports.

The statement added that the object is about one meter in diameter with an instrument box marked with simplified Chinese characters, which are used in China but not in Taiwan.

“Preliminary investigation determined that the remains found were part of meteorological equipment, which were taken over by the relevant departments, in order to study them in more detail,” according to the Taiwanese military.

Dongjin is located in the north of the Taiwan Strait at an important passage for all Chinese ships heading south from the eastern province of Zhejiang.

Much of the remnants of the Chinese bubble who was shot down by the American army on February 4 it was pulled from the Atlantic Ocean on Tuesday off the coast of South Carolina.

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