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There isn’t a continuation of dialogue and no return of Serbs to Pristina establishments earlier than the formation of the ZSO

The president of the parliamentary committee for Kosovo and Metohija, Milovan Drecun, said before the session of the Assembly of Serbia on Kosovo and Metohija that there is no room for other proposals for the ZSO because the Brussels Agreement precisely defined what needs to be done to form the Community.

“The first six-point Brussels agreement defines that there will be an association of municipalities in which Serbs form the majority in Kosovo. A community in which Serbs form the majority of the population, which means that there are also people of other nationalities. Membership will be open to any other municipality, if the members agree to that. Then it is defined that the two parties will form a management team for the formation of the Community and that it will be made up of representatives of the four municipalities in the north of the Republic of Kosovo and that they will draft the statute, which they drafted,” said Drecun.

There is no continuation of the dialogue and the return of Serbs to the institutions of Pristina until the ZSO is formed, and then there is a discussion about the European proposal, Drecun told RTS.

“This is an attempt at a political maneuver to adjust the appearance of the ZSO to Pristina’s view, although Kurti says that for him the Brussels Agreements do not exist and that the ZSO will not be formed and that only minority rights should be discussed. He avoids using the terms used in the Brussels Agreement.” , noted Drecun.

He said that he considers the proposal of the statute made by the German non-governmental organization “Friedrich Ebert” to be an attempt by German politics to cheat the Brussels Agreement when it comes to the ZSO.

As he pointed out, the author’s text American diplomats Derek Scholl and Gabriel Escobar is correct and “it is an interesting view that the ZSO is in accordance with the constitution and that they see no reason why it should not be formed”.

“The community would be an institutional mechanism, which Pristina would recognize, with the aim of protecting the Serbian people, ensuring their safe life and economic development,” said Drecun.

Drecun pointed out that there is no membership of Kosovo in the UN, nor do we accept to recognize the fake state of Kosovo. He says that one can see a different concept of the USA on the continuation of the dialogue than the one presented in the Franco-German plan.

“The USA has accepted the position of Belgrade. The position of the USA is more correct because of the strong position of Belgrade, which said that there is no continuation of the dialogue before the formation of the ZSO and there is no return of Serbs to the institutions of Pristina,” said Drecun.

Speaking about the statement of Croatian President Zoran Milanović who said that Kosovo was stolen from Serbia, says that Milanović has moments when he looks in the mirror and when his conscience wakes up and he says something true.

“I would not agree with him that Kosovo was kidnapped, an attempt is underway, and by the time it is finally kidnapped, and I hope not, there is a lot of water to pass through the Danube and the Sava. This man spoke the truth. But that does not mean that they will change their attitude,” says Drecun.

He assessed that it is important to give President Aleksandar Vučić the strong support of the majority in the parliament in order to persevere in the defense of our national interests, in such a way that he can discuss the Franco-German proposal after the formation of the ZSO, but not to accept that our red lines.

“There is no membership of Kosovo in the UN as far as we are concerned, nor will we accept the fake state of Kosovo, everything else can be discussed,” says Drecun.

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