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Keep away from loans, cash needs to be invested within the inventory market

Vladimir Đukanović is one of the few people from this area who made a career on the world stock markets. He went on to become a chief trader at JP Morgan in New York and John Levin Europe in London, a partner in the investment firm Sersio Capital, and now an investor in the furniture, finance and IT industries.

Đukanović told RTS that we have not reached the “ceiling” when it comes to credit prices and that, according to the latest reports on prices in stores in Great Britain, prices are jumping again and that inflation is not abating.

“The situation is similar in Europe. We were very lucky with an unusually warm winter. Why are February and March important? Because the war in Ukraine started last year at that time and prices jumped by ten percent and now the question is whether they will find that price plateau or will they continue to jump further. Unfortunately, further indications are that they will continue to jump because simply too much money has been printed and central banks are not responding quickly enough. As painful as this is, it is not painful enough to excess money was thrown out of the system,” said Đukanović.

He pointed out that there are no cheap loans and that they should be avoided at all costs.

“There is no such thing as cheap money. The time of cheap money is over, maybe for a very long time. It could happen that it lasts a decade or more. Too much money has been printed. When you print more money than your economy grows, that money essentially becomes worthless “, said Vladimir Djukanovic.

Speaking about savings, Đukanović stated that real estate is a traditional way of investing in the Balkans and in Serbia, and people always feel safe.

“If you keep that money in a straw bag, then you have the biggest problem, because if your inflation is ten percent, in a year the money will be worth ten percent less. You’ll be able to buy ten percent less laptops, ten percent less coffee. Honey, I’m not “I’ve never been a gold trader, it’s a traditional hedge against inflation, but it’s a question of how it’s been lately. I always advise people, especially younger people, to put a certain amount of money in the stock market and just accumulate that money over the years,” he explained. Djukanovic.

He mentioned that short-term investments do not exist and that you need to set aside money every month and then you are safe in retirement and said that it takes 30 to 40 years to feel the benefits of investments.

“I advise young people, start immediately, from the age of 20, to set aside ten percent of what you earn. Whatever you have, your lifestyle will not change by ten percent. Did you have a salary x, twice x, five times x , ten percent of that does not change the standard of living, but it changes your investment profile. If you set aside 100 euros per month, for 40 years, you start working at 25, your pension is at 65, after 40 years that 100 euros per month is 533,000 euros,” he explained is Vladimir Đukanović.

Speaking about the stock market crashes, he stated that they are very painful in the short term, but in the long term, the crashes are at the level of statistical error and therefore it is necessary to stay in it for a very long time.

“The biggest investors are first disciplined, then smart and everything else. We know how undisciplined people live, mostly very badly and that’s okay. That’s how the world was formed. Of course, those who are disciplined should be rewarded, and they should be punished the one who is not,” said Đukanović.

When it comes to entering the stock market, Đukanović explained that it is possible to contact brokers who can place money on local and foreign stock exchanges and that it is extremely important that people are educated.

“The Internet is here, you don’t need books, it’s a very easy education. The stock market is not some kind of drama. The stock market takes one company and instead of having one owner, you divide it into a thousand owners. Period. That’s the end, there is no further philosophy. Then a little you get into some reports. It’s not a drama, it’s not even difficult math,” Đukanović pointed out and said that his goal is to educate young people.

He recently presented his book “Blistanje” in which he wrote about artificial intelligence and explained how in the future many jobs will disappear and that the problem with new technology is that it develops at a high speed and no one is sure which way it will go.

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