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SOLVED! Anastasija Ražnatović is shifting to Spain! This is when he is packing his baggage and whether or not Ceca accredited going to Gudelje! – PressOnline

The love that ignited between Anastasija Ražnatović and Nemanja Gudelja became known relatively quickly. For two months, the newly married couple managed to hide the sparks between them from the public, until the footballer’s sister boasted about her daughter-in-law on social networks.

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Although the singer had previously gotten out of a long-term relationship, it seems that things in the new romance will move much faster than could be imagined. As reported by the media, after several meetings with Anastasia, Gudelj started the story of their life together, which seems to have a happy ending because Anastasia is thinking about moving.

– They don’t have to admit to anyone how much they are in love because it shows on them. From the first day they clicked and it was clear to everyone that this relationship would be different for both of them. Nemanja lives in Seville with her mother, brother and sister because she plays for a club there, with which she has an excellent contract and does not plan to change it until she receives a better offer. That’s why he brought up the story of their life together when Anastasia was last at his place. They realized that they were working well, that she was at ease among his family, and that his were smitten with her. Everyone enjoyed themselves while she was visiting them and it seems that everyone passed the first test – says a source close to Gudelj.

– Anastasia is aware of the importance of his career, but also of the fact that she can travel to her performances from any city. Serbia is not far from her when she needs to record songs and visit her family, so the idea of ​​moving to Spain in September is almost ripe. Thus, they could spend a lot of time together between the rigorous quarantines that Nemanja has at the club.

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As it turns out, the fact that Anastasia liked the climate in Spain, as well as his family and friends, contributed to the decision.

– Anastasia has the impression that she has known them all her life. She likes that they are open and talkative, so they quickly found a common language. They accepted her from the start as a member of the family and she has a lot of support from them when it comes to her career. Everyone is aware of the songs she records, the scheduled performances and knows that they will help her in everything she needs when she becomes their roommate. Nemanja can’t wait for the moment when Anastasia will bring her bags and officially move in. They are certainly planning a vacation together, although it is difficult to coordinate because Anastasia has a large number of scheduled performances, after which they will live together, the source points out.

Photo: E-Stock/Časlav Vukojičić

Ceca loved her even though she will be missed

After the Gudeljis arrived in Belgrade for Anastasia’s birthday, when they also met the Ražnatović family, it became clear to everyone that Ceci liked her son-in-law.

– Ceca found out about Anastasia’s romance right away, but she met Nemanja through Skype, and this was the first live meeting. She liked him at first sight and very quickly found out, from the athlete, that he was persuading Anastasia to move. It didn’t take long for Ceci to realize how happy and fulfilled Anastasia is with Nemanja, so she supported the idea of ​​moving even though, like any mother, she regrets that her daughter will not be near her. Anastasia and she are like friends, so it’s all the more difficult for her – says the source.

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