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600 cases of domestic violence for four months, experts call for immediate action – Latest News

600 cases of domestic violence for four months, experts call for immediate actionIllustrative photo

From January to the end of April, 600 cases of domestic violence were reported to the Kosovo Police.

Kosovo Police in a written response to Ekonomia Online has announced that only in April 206 cases of violence were reported.

“Cases of domestic violence are sensitive cases, where only in 2021 at the national level in January there are 169 cases, in February 148, in March 168 and in April 206 cases,” said the police.

The response further states that the approach of the Police to these cases has led to them being reported more often, where only during 2020 were reported 2,069 cases, many more cases compared to previous years.

“Such an approach of the police towards cases of domestic violence, awareness of violence on the one hand and the treatment of more serious cases has made such cases come to be reported more often, for example. in 2017 1 269 cases were reported, in 2018 1 541 cases were reported, in 2019 1 915 cases were reported and in 2020 2 069 cases were reported ”.

While experts are concerned about this phenomenon, which according to them institutions should work harder in this regard.

Sociologist Ferdi Kamberi in an interview for Ekonomia Online says that domestic violence affects the personality of children, and from this they grow up in environments of violence, and the consequences we see later.

“Domestic violence also affects the personality of children and in this segment they will be educated and will grow up in violent environments in which they can have consequences and as a society we will have problems. “If preventive measures are not taken, then obviously such things can take on negative connotations and then this can present major problems for the Kosovar society”, said Kamberi.

Kamberi emphasizes that for the community of sociologists, but also for the society in general, it is a disturbing phenomenon that brings a difficult situation.

“Undoubtedly this phenomenon is worrying not only for us as a community of sociologists, but in society in general because a society which grows and develops with violence will undoubtedly then find itself in a difficult situation,” he added.

Among the main factors he says are the socio-economic factor, the use of alcohol, narcotics and various disputes.

“I think there are many factors, they are socio-economic factors, they are individual factors including the use of alcohol, narcotics and of course there are various disputes which produce conflict situations and inadequate management of conflict within families consequently produces violence. which appears in different forms and ways ”.

According to sociologist Kamberi, institutions need to work more inclusively on this topic.

“As for what the institutions are doing, there is an increase in progress in public policies related to the prevention of violence, but there is still a need for inclusion in this area because suffering as a social phenomenon is not just an individual issue but is collective issues and in this segment I consider that it should be reported that violence is first reported as a social phenomenon and then there is an increase or strengthening of capacity in the Centers for Social Work.

Psychologist Rron Kastrati said that domestic violence has gained momentum and then shows problems of various kinds, promoting conflicts and destabilization of society, reports Ekonomia Online.

“As a psychologist, I think that domestic violence is a series of problems with a number of factors that then affect the occurrence of domestic violence as it means a direct violation of the integrity of physical, social, economic and psychological well-being. “Domestic violence has taken a big leap in the emergence of some problems within the family, such as the creation of conflicts and various factors that then destabilize the state of society and public health,” said Kastrati.

He further said that institutions should be focused on preventing this phenomenon and creating stability in society, because the problems of domestic violence bring great consequences.

“Institutions are already focused through directives to prevent this phenomenon, and then the current problems to create a stability in society. “The most common problems that domestic violence causes are obviously problems with sleep, stomach, headaches and others, but that also includes stress factors”, he further emphasized.

He is optimistic about preventing this phenomenon in the future, believing that the institutions will take immediate measures.

“I try to be optimistic in preventing this phenomenon and the future of our country, I believe that it will be reformed by bringing significant progress in this phenomenon to shrink all the responsibilities of our country, and the state must take immediate measures.” , concluded Kastrati.

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