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Air Serbia, Croatia Airlines and Air Montenegro outline network plans

The three national airlines from the former Yugoslavia will expand their destination networks in 2023 as the aviation sector continues its strong recovery.

Air Serbia will lead the way, with the airline announcing an aggressive expansion plan for this summer. A total of nineteen new routes have already been scheduled for launch this year, with several more to follow. Coupled with the new additions to its network introduced over the winter months, the airline will have over twenty new routes on offer during the 2023 summer season. “We are proud of the fact that, including charter destinations, we are approaching the number of nearly 100 cities in the upcoming summer season within our growing network. We are continuously capitalizing on the growing market in which we operate and are adding new destinations throughout the year. Hand in hand with long haul development, Air Serbia continues to expand our feeder network and, depending on market dynamics, we aim to introduce between twenty and thirty destinations in 2023”, the airline’s CEO, Jiri Marek, said. Flights between Belgrade and Budapest will be the airline’s most frequented new route, with up to seventeen weekly departures, while the service to Chicago will be one of the highlights of its summer season line-up.

Croatia Airlines is continuing to implement its post-Covid strategy in 2023, which will culminate with the delivery of its first Airbus A220 aircraft next year, which is set to transform the airline. The carrier plans to introduce four new routes during the upcoming summer. They include services from Split to Skopje and Oslo, from Dubrovnik to Prague, and from Brač to Munich. The airline has so far scheduled flights from Brač to the Bavarian capital, with the rest expected to be put on sale during this month. “We’ve been continually working on increasing the quality of our service and expanding our flight network. At one of the world’s biggest and most famous tourism fairs, we presented our summer 2023 timetable, with which we are looking to strongly contribute to Croatia’s position on the global tourism map. During the coming summer season, we’re planning to connect Croatia with 22 international destinations by operating flights on 47 international routes. Specifically, we are planning to operate 17,000 flights, and offer over 1,820,000 seats”, Croatia Airlines’ CEO, Jasmin Bajić, said.

Air Montenegro plans to add five new destinations to its network this coming summer season. It has already revealed two, from Tivat to Brno in the Czech Republic, and from Podgorica to Bratislava. Air Montenegro will also double its seasonal operations between Tivat and Prague from two to four per week. “We see potential in the Czech market from which there is strong demand by travellers. As of next year, we will be serving both Prague and Brno. At the moment, we are also seeing wide-scale interest from Slovak tourists, who will now have nonstop flights to Podgorica from Bratislava at their disposal,” Air Montenegro said. The carrier will also restore all destinations it operated over the 2022 summer season, with tickets for flights from Podgorica to Zurich and Copenhagen going on sale last week. “With the planned expansion of the national carrier’s fleet in 2023, we will launch more new routes and increase frequencies on existing ones”, Air Montenegro concluded.

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