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Aleksandar Lutovac emotionally mentioned goodbye to Partizan

Lutovac arrived at Partizan in 2019, and before that he played for Rad Football Club and successfully defended the colors of the club from Belgrade’s Banjica since 2015.

“Anyone who writes lines like this is not the least bit comfortable, because it means they are leaving the club they love. But what we all know is that sometimes life offers new challenges and we simply have to accept them, especially in sports. That does not mean that the love for the club ends, on the contrary – it is even greater, because when you part with someone, only then do you feel all the emotions, including the pain, that you have at that moment. My emotions will forever be directed towards Partizan, every person employed in club,” said Lutovac.

Until recently, the Parisian football player has played 17 matches this season, scored one goal and assisted twice.

“We are a family that fought 24 hours a day and never gave up – even when we were written off. What I know is that all my teammates, in every season, give their best, respecting and loving the holy coat of arms. So, be with them, as support, as applause. We have enough of those who are not with us, so it is necessary that all of us – who love Partizan, be around him. Believe in the team, believe in the boys, the boss, every individual, because these are the screws that with you they can push the Steamroller. I believe in victory and I will always be with you,” said the 25-year-old football player.

The football club Reed from Austria is currently in the penultimate place in the Bundesliga.

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