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Ava Max recounts the difficult past of the family: My parents left Albania with only a suitcase in hand – Latest News

Ava Max recounts the family's difficult past: My parents left Albania with only a suitcase in hand

World-renowned Albanian artist, Ava Max, has recently posed for the cover of the famous American magazine “Uproxx”.

While appearing quite attractive in the photo shoot for this magazine, Ava also gave an exclusive interview, not forgetting to mention her beloved homeland, Albania – which unfortunately she has not yet had the opportunity to visit until today .

“Amanda Ava Koçi was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on February 16, 1994, the same week that Celine Dion ‘The Power Of Love’ finally reached number one on the Billboard charts, a welcome welcome for an artist. which would soon gain recognition as the vocalist of power in her own right. And while family support is something many successful artists point out during their upbringing, for Ava Max, the way her parents and brother defended her dream that at a young age was important in her upbringing. “As the daughter of immigrants who left Albania during the fall of communism, from an early age Ava realized that her mother had been waiting for her dreams of being an opera singer to offer a better life to her daughter.” , writes American magazine.

“Of course, she had to give up her dream,” Ava Max told Uproxx. “Because she was an immigrant and had no money, she did not know the language very well, she had children – she had me! – So she gave up on her dream. When I started singing, I felt like she started living her dream through my dream, which is really wonderful, I think. “Now that I look at it again, I feel that this is partly the reason why I did it, because my mother supported me a lot and was always there for me”, said the Albanian artist.

“They built their dream home in Chesapeake and then sold it after living in it for three years,” she says. “I did not realize until later, how my Lord they actually sold their house! Again, looking back I’m like: ‘You guys leave everything!’ They really sacrificed everything for my dream. But they are like that, they left Albania with nothing but a suitcase in hand and a six-year-old, my brother. They lived in the Red Cross in Paris, France without money. But my father really wanted to come to America, so after a year we lived in a church my father came and told us, ‘We are going to America,’ she recalls.

“During their stay in Paris, the family became involved with a woman from Wisconsin who helped them immigrate to America, and they lived in Milwaukee for the first few years in the United States. Shortly after Ava was born, the family moved to Virginia to escape the brutal winters of the Midwest and there she grew up. As Ava’s vocal talent began to emerge slowly, her mother’s support helped catapult the young singer into the spotlight. “Starting with city races and eventually traveling to major cities for more prestigious events, her early success was very promising to be ignored,” Uproxx magazine wrote.

“I started singing at a really young age and I sang with my mother. She would sing at home and has this really beautiful operatic voice. So I said, ‘Oh my God, I want to sing!’ Everyone always told me how good my voice was – but as a kid, you did not understand what a good voice was. I was like, ‘Oh well, I like to sing. I think I will try to perform ‘. So I started performing for my neighbors, then I started participating in singing competitions, like the Radio Disney competitions that would come to town. I started in Virginia, then I started winning contests. My mother said, ‘Okay, let’s do some more.’ So she found some in Florida, and some in New York. “It was a madness,” the 26-year-old recalls.

Convinced that Los Angeles was the right place for Ava to be discovered and start her career, the Koçi family made their way to California – to face disappointment unfortunately. Living in the Valley even then, in Sherman Oaks, Ava recalls sending her collection of original songs to a label, feeling ready to sign a contract and get started. But really, like most 14- and 15-year-olds, she was not mature enough to navigate the industry. So after a year of living in Los Angeles, her family moved east to South Carolina, where her father found work.

“Time is everything,” she says. “I had this package of songs. It always seemed to me like they would sign me and never sign it. I was sad at the time. I said, ‘I just want to sign a contract, I want to work’. I thought I was ready, but somehow I was not, because I had a lot to grow. But you do not know this when you are a child. It happens that way. I feel like I had everything after “Sweet But Psycho” really came in as a hit. “But I did not know this until that song came out – and then I felt it,” said the singer, originally from Albania. / balkanweb

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