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Balkans publishes the starting 11 for the match against Arberia – Latest News

Balkan publishes the starting 11 for the match against Arberia

March 11, 2021 – 12:27

Latest news from the sport

Today (Thursday) will take place the last two matches within the 24th week in the Kosovo Super League in football, writes Zeri.info.

The main focus today will be on Gjilan / Gnjilane, where Drita and Gjilan / Gnjilane meet.

“Intellectuals” will seek three points to return to the position of leader, while “Falcons” will seek recovery exactly in the derby.

Also playing today is the other contending team for the title, the Balkans, traveling to Arberia.

With the eventual victory of the team from Suhareka today and the loss on the other side of Drita, “Jebrailat” would grab the position of leader.

Both matches start at 13:00 and as always, we will keep you informed of everything.

Drita – Gjilan

Official formations:

Light: Maloku, Arago, Limani, Cuculi, Blakçori, B.Shabani, Namani, Fazliu, Ajzeraj, Xh.Shabani, Haxhimusa. Krytrajner: Ardian Nuhiu.

Official formation in front of SC Gjilan! Gërbeshi and Brdarovski are absent from this match due to injuries, while Vucaj due to cartoons. FC DRITAë

Posted by Drita FC on Thursday, 11 March 2021

Gjilan: Koliçi, Rapa, Fustar, Kastrati, Veliu, Aziz Keita, Useini, Hila, Progni, Razak Keita, Nikac. Crypto trainer: Bylbyl Sokoli.

XI STARTUESEë #onlylove

Posted by SC Gjilani on Thursday, 11 March 2021

Arberia – Balkans

Official formations:

Arbëria: Waiting ..

Balkans: Haxhihamza, Thaqi, Prekazi, Sinani, Shala, Kuc, Gripshi, Korenica, Baftiu, Hoxha, Daku. Crypto trainer: Bledi Shkëmbi. /Zeri.info

Line Up-Starters Arberia-Balkans at 13:00 Good luck to us Suhareka

Posted by FC Ballkani on Thursday, 11 March 2021

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