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Beka Berisha shows the reasons why he will run for mayor of Istog – Latest News

Beka Berisha shows the reasons why he will run for mayor of Istog

The candidate for mayor of Istog from AAK, Beke Berisha, in the show DPT on Fidani on T7, has shown the reasons why he has decided to run for mayor of Istog.

Berisha said that he is already politically fulfilled after being elected MP three times, therefore he said that he wants to give his political potential in his hometown.

“Istog is important to me, it is my birthplace. “I have been fulfilled politically, I have been elected deputy three times”, said Berisha.

Further, Berisha said that one of the reasons why he decided to run for mayor of Istog is the youth of his hometown, where according to Berisha, so far 13 thousand young people have filed documents to leave Kosovo.

“Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing. “Now that Istog is not functioning properly, I want to stop the youth from going out because there are some statistics that show that 13 thousand young people who have deposited documents to leave Kosovo”, said Berisha.

“It makes me go there and revive the economy because Istog has great potential. “I have enough potential and experience to revive Istog”, added Berisha./Express/

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