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Çelaj: If the KLA archives existed, we would not have the debate on fake veterans – Latest News

Çelaj: If the KLA archives existed, we would not have the debate on fake veterans

Former KLA spokesman Lirak Celaj commented on the statement of Besnik Bislimi, who said that the Serbian side has agreed to open state archives, including those of the Kosovo Liberation Army.

He in the Special Edition called this statement harmful, because according to him, through this statement, arguments are being given to Serbia.

“I think it is a harmful statement, because it is telling a lie, it is giving arguments to Serbia, because Serbia has constantly built its arguments into half-truths or things that did not happen at all, so did the Special Court. “, referring to the so-called” Yellow House “and now we have no accusation based on that, so it has started for him and now it is taking a completely different direction”, said Çelaj.

He said that he sees it as a great weakness that the KLA does not have archives, and this according to happened due to the nature of the war, as it was difficult to preserve them.

Çelaj even added that if there were archives, there would not be some debates that exist today.

If there was an archive, we would not have the debate over fake veterans. “There are no arguments that there are archives, they will use Bislim’s statement as a reason to say that we have the archives, but we do not want to open them.”

“I think that in such cases, the statements should be very accurate, well thought out and leave no room for misunderstandings. “I am not aware that it is an archive, because it was impossible to preserve the archives”, added the former KLA spokesman.

Further, he added that he would like there to be documents proving our pure struggle.

“I am not afraid for that job, because the KLA war was pure, but I am afraid precisely because such a thing does not exist because a phantom will be created that Serbia will constantly refer to something that really does not exist. “I would like it to exist, so that our pure war can be proved with documents”, said Çelaj.

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