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Comodita starts exporting products to Israel – Latest News

Comodita also starts exporting products to Israel

The largest manufacturer of foam and mattresses Comodita is continuing to expand in Israel.

Today, August 6, a significant amount of mattresses was exported for the first time to a well-known Israeli company.


Comodita CEO Eroll Shabi said that they are continuing a successful journey with the penetration of their products in the Israeli market.

“We are excited about the penetration of our products in new markets.”


Among other things, Shabi pointed out that the continuous growth and development has made the Comodita mattress and foam factory a market leader and above all a well-known global company.

He stressed that the achievements have come as a result of a clear vision for moving forward in the industry in which they operate.

“Also of special importance is always the work of a professional staff of 2400 employees, as well as the production of our quality products applying the most modern technology.”


The Comodita mattress and foam factory produces 2.5 million mattresses a year, 600,000 mattress pads and 2.5 million pillows.


Among others, Comodita is the largest exporter in the country, where its products are exported to major markets such as the US, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands and others.

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