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Compulsory vaccination for teachers, Manastirliu: This is the deadline they have – Latest News

Compulsory vaccination for teachers, Manastirliu: This is the deadline they have

The Minister of Health and Social Protection, Ogerta Manastirliu, accompanied by the Rector of the Medical University in Tirana, prof. Arben Gjata, have followed the process of vaccination of students at the Vaccination Center at the Stadium “Air Albania”, where they have appealed for mass vaccination, as a necessity to return to the auditorium. Minister Manastirliu said that during this month the focus is on vaccination of teachers, professors and students, while he indicated that with the start of school, the vaccination process will be done in universities and dormitories.

We are mainly working with the city center “Student” and for all those students who will be registered and who will go to dormitories, it is necessary to be vaccinated. But on the other hand, for all students it is already known that vaccination is also a condition to be as free as possible in the auditorium. We have decided that as soon as the schools start, we will move to universities, in each of the universities, according to a calendar that is being organized by the Local Unit of Tirana, but on the other hand, the Local Units in all districts where there are universities will be able to so that we can be in every university, in every faculty to do the vaccination for all those students or even professors who have not done it yet “, said Manastirliu.

The Minister of Health stressed that more than 60% of teachers have completed both doses of vaccine against Covid19, while expressing optimism for the increase of vaccine coverage during this month.

“For pedagogues and teachers, we have set a deadline of 30 September, in order to complete this process. There are more than 60% of teachers who have already done both doses, so they have been fully vaccinated. While we are still waiting these days and I am convinced that within September we will achieve very good results in terms of vaccine coverage in the category of teachers and pedagogues, but also educators of kindergartens and nurseries as they are also in the focus of our work. daily regarding vaccination “, said Manastirliu.
Rector of the University of Medicine, prof. Arben Gjata has called on students to be vaccinated so that the learning process and internships continue normally.

“I want to thank you for this decision because even in the meeting of the senate, we asked you especially for the students of our universities to be vaccinated with priority, as it is impossible to do practical lessons and students can go to patients, if they are not vaccinated because there is a very high risk and it is a pleasure for us to open this window for you. We have made everyone, whether as rector, dean or dean, we have called on all our students to be vaccinated during this period because it is very necessary “, said prof. Long.

September is the month open for anticovid vaccination for all citizens over 18 years of age, who can present their ID card at the nearest vaccination center to get vaccinated against COVID19. So far, 1,982,130 anticovid vaccines have arrived in our country. A total of 1,539,232 vaccinations were performed, of which 673,951 citizens received both doses of the antiCOVID vaccine. /abcnews.al

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