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Drone “Baykar TB2”, the latest technology in Albania – Latest News


This is the Baykar TB2 drone, the latest technology that will arrive in Albania. The equipment, the pride of the Turkish army will be used in our country by the Ministry of Defense and the Police. The two types of drones IHA, unmanned aerial vehicle, and SIHA, unarmed unmanned aerial vehicle were introduced in 2014 while the first flight was performed in 2008. The equipment has an autonomy in the air of at least 24 hours, has precision in impact while it has reached heights of up to 8 km.

The Baykar drone, manufactured by the company of the same name, was used by the Turkish military in the fight against terrorism. They flew over Afrin during the intervention in Syria, Libya and during the clash between Azerbaijan and Armenia over the Nagorno-Karabakh region.

Albania will spend 8 million Euros for super intelligent drones, while it is not known how many devices will arrive in our country. They will be used to control the territory as well as to increase national security. The agreement was signed with the Turkish company Bajkar, while the Minister of Interior Bledi Çuçi and the director of the State Police, Ardi Veliu, were in its premises a few days ago./tvklan

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