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Excavations in Durrës reveal medieval tombs – Latest News

Excavations in Durrës reveal medieval tombsFoto: ReportTv

The city of Durrës continues to discover ancient treasures. Recently the expedition led by Prof. Assoc. Dr. Brikena Shkodra is located in the garden “1 May” in neighborhood number 11, where the latest discoveries date back to the late medieval period.

At a depth of 60 cm medieval tombs have been discovered, but also the first layers of the floor of a building have appeared, which for the time being remains unknown.

“We have found traces of a floor that should be related to a structure still unknown to us, but it could be the floor of a courtyard, which then, starting from the low depth, I believe is related to the medieval period. This moment the use of space is cut for the placement of a cemetery. “We have 4 graves identified so far that again belong to the medieval period”, said Shkodra, reports “ReportTv”.

Excavations will continue for about a month, after which the area will return to its original state, to resume at the same point in the coming years.

This is the second expedition that Shkodra archeology is conducting in the coastal city, while previously the excavations were focused on the Byzantine Forum.

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