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Extra solar and hotter at present, temperature as much as 15 levels

In Serbia, partly cloudy with sunny intervals, in the middle of the day in hilly and mountainous areas, and in the afternoon and evening in Vojvodina, short-term rain and local showers in places. During the night, blowing snow on the high mountains.

The lowest temperature from -3 to 3, and the highest from 10 to 15 degrees.

Partly cloudy with sunny intervals in Belgrade and dry for most of the day. In the evening, short-term rain in some parts of the city. The highest temperature is around 14 degrees.

In Serbia in the next seven days, until March 13, changeable with alternating sunny and cloudy intervals. Short-term rain or showers will be a local phenomenon, while more precipitation is expected on March 9 and 12.

South and southwest winds will blow with the temperature rising – maximum values ​​from 11 to 19, and cooling is expected on Sunday, March 12.

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