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Fatal accident in Prishtina – Latest News

Fatal accident in Prishtina

A fatal accident occurred tonight in Pristina.

Police have confirmed for “Zeri” that the accident happened in the neighborhood “Vranjevc” in Pristina where as a result a pedestrian was hit to death.

“Today around 19:30, in” Fahri Fazliu “street, in Prishtina, a traffic accident occurred, where as a result a person (pedestrian) died” confirmed for Zeri.info, the police spokesperson, Flora Ahmeti

Ahmeti said that two vehicles and a pedestrian were involved in this accident.

“As a result of this accident, the pedestrian suffered serious bodily injuries, who could not cope with the injuries received and he died,” said Ahmet, adding that the road traffic investigation unit is working on lighting of the circumstances of this accident./Voice

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