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Fushë Kosovë / Kosovo Polje: Brother accidentally injured, father and son ambushed the Bajrami brothers with iron rods – Latest News

Fushë-Kosovë: He accidentally injured his brother, father and son ambushed the Bajrami brothers with iron rodsIllustrative Photo

After a 2-year conflict over a parking lot, 4 people try to clarify the “accounts” with each other.

Until recently they stayed in the restaurant which is also their property.

However, it is suspected that a father and son from Drenas ambushed two Bajrami brothers from Fushë Kosova with iron rods in their hands.

But one of the two brothers had a gun with him, and during the fight he accidentally injured his brother and a person in his 50s who was involved in the conflict.

However, this was not the first clash between the Halimi family from Drenas and Bajrami from Fushë Kosova.

A friend of the Bajrami family boys says that they had clashed even earlier and that the conflict the night before was revenge.

He even adds that the two brothers are wise and kind boys

T7 tried to contact the Halimi family from Drenas, however they were not in the bar they run.

And contact with them all day was impossible.

Meanwhile, even though the doors of the Bajrami family yard were open, no one was there.

They were in the emergency room of the University Clinical Center of Kosovo with their injured family member.

However until the incident had happened LB’s sister was at work as a nurse in the hospital, and it was she who opened the phone when the case was reported to the emergency without knowing it was about her brother.

The 19-year-old also says that her brothers had previously had a conflict with the family from Drenas regarding a parking lot and that they were harassed all the time by other people.

LB is continuing treatment at UCCK and is out of danger for life.

However, about 50 people from Drenas were in danger of death until they received treatment from doctors.

So says the director of Vascular Surgery Hajriz Rudari

Rudari says the injured could be released within a week if there are no complications.

The case was also confirmed by the Kosovo Police, they said that 4 people were arrested in connection with this case, and that they seized a weapon with 4 cartridges.

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