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Haziri talks about the ministers of the Kurti Government, these two figures seem promising – The latest news

Haziri talks about the ministers of the Kurti Government, these two figures seem promising

The Vice President of the Democratic League of Kosovo, Lutfi Haziri, spoke about the new governing composition, while highlighting the names of the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora, Donika Gërvalla and the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Development, Faton Peci.

Haziri, invited to the show ‘dPt te Fidani’, said in advance that he should be given 100 days of governing to judge the work of the Kurti Government, while emphasizing the names of two former members of the LDK as promising figures, writes Gazeta Express.

Most of them have not arrived to prove themselves, they have not performed executive duties, if we consider them as deputies. Now I have to see how they translate them into executive. Let them give you some space. There are promising names, in this government I have two names, Mr. Peci, as well as Mr. “Gërvalla, they are a political vocation that I know, of course I expect a lot from them”, he said.

Representation of minority communities, including the Serb List, despite the fact that according to the constitutional duty there should be a ministry. We have an exertion of non-Serb minorities. We have an increase in governance, I thought it would have been a contraction. We have an increase in substance and a greater composition of government. “He has 100 days to unveil the governing program, then the role of the opposition comes to the fore,” he further stated.

The deputy chairman of the LDK said that the current figures who have taken positions in the ministries have been expected.

“It is expected that they are the political front-men of VV, which have been built a little from 2019 onwards. There are even older, well-known political activists. “It is expected that certain political sectors will cover me”, Haziri further said.

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