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Health Professionals Appeal to New Government: Pandemic Management a Priority – Latest News

Health professionals appeal to new government: Pandemic management a priority

Former Secretary of the Ministry of Health, infectologist Ilir Tolaj, in an interview with Ekonomia Online said that the main priority of the next Government should be to manage the pandemic.

According to him, although the accumulation of problems is so large that sometimes some of the problems remain in the background.

“Every day of delay is a delay of active actions that must be done for the pandemic, but in general for the health system and society as a whole. According to their statements they are expected to be more proactive. I think it should be realistic that the accumulation of problems is so great that sometimes some of the problems or some of the issues remain in the background, but I think that the pandemic is a priority not only for Kosovo, but also the whole region, so I believe that for this “The government will be a priority.”

According to him, the Ministry of Health and the National Institute of Public Health have been late in providing the vaccine.

“These preparations should have taken place since the summer of last year. “At the moment when there was knowledge that some of the vaccines are in the third stage of development and that many manufacturers were potentially very close to the registration of these vaccines, it was necessary to contact these manufacturers and make pre-contracts.”

Whereas, the President of the Kosovo Chamber of Physicians, Pleurat Sejdiu, stressed that if the incumbent Government has the power to appoint and dismiss people, then there should be responsibility in managing the situation.

“If they have the power to appoint and dismiss people, then they also have the power to manage the situation. Therefore, as it is possible, for four weeks a day, the advisory committee has never been convened “.

That is why he says that the new government should, with the help of experts, take control of the pandemic situation.

“I think that Vetëvendosje, which won the majority, has put the pandemic in the first place. “And I hope that their expert, with the help of experts who have been working for a year, should start working from the first day of taking power and continue working where it has stalled.”

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