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In Pediatrics, three children lying with COVID-19 – Latest News

In Pediatrics, three children lying with COVID-19

At the Pediatric Clinic of UCCK, three children infected with coronavirus are being treated.

Children infected with COVID-19 were admitted for treatment two days ago. And among them is a 6-month-old baby.

The doctor on duty, Drita Telaku, referring to the condition of the children, said on Sunday that their condition is stable, reports T7.

The doctor further said that the children are still lying down just to be watched.

According to Telak, almost all wards are overcrowded with children.

For this she calls on all parents to take extra care of their children.

The Delta variant also endangers children, for this the Minister of Health, Arben Vitia called on the citizens to be immunized as soon as possible against COVID-19.

Meanwhile, in addition to the cases hospitalized with COVID-19 within this Clinic, there are about 100 other children who are receiving medical treatment.

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