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Kumrije’s story: My son was killed and thrown into a well, I never found my husband – Latest News

Kumrije's story: My son was killed and thrown into a well, I never found my husband

The following story brings the touching story of mother Kumrije Mazrekaj, who lost her husband and son in the last war in Kosovo.

Kumrija tells how the Serbs killed and threw his son Jetmir into the well, and disappeared his husband, Arif.

“When they started to empty the village, they came to us on the ship and told us to get out, then we were called the whole village and we went out, we went to Jerznic, the army would not escort us, they would shoot us sometimes, then from there we went to Beleg, the next day at 5 o’clock they came and took us, beat us somewhere, that night we slept there, the next day they beat us, put us in trucks, called us in Albania, the men beat us, that day they also gave Jetmir and Arif. “They have Jetmiri in the KLA, they are taking him that day when they took us, go to the cannibal guard, they took all 16 of them from Drenovci”, she confesses in “Beyond the Story”.

“When they took us, he called us in Albania, he called us in Elbasan, and Tony Blair came to the camp there, and while we were there, the news came to us that they had called them to the Church of Deqan and they said we were going, but when they he asked they were not there, now they say that in Beleg they burned the husband’s body except, when we had left the boy in Beleg he had run away from the balcony, and they had investigated two of them and injured him, so he went to Izniq, where he followed and found an old man “, she adds.

“They were there, he was called for himself, that old man had cured him with cheese, he came, he said, old man, hi mrena, they took me, I told him sdin, neither Albanian nor Serbian, they took me, they took him and then they had me knee in the well, they found him in the well, is it not known about the man from Beleg, out of those 16 people only this boy was found, the others are not ”Kumrija confesses. / Express

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