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LDK leadership is debating the issue of voting or not voting for the President – Latest News

The LDK leadership is debating the issue of voting or not voting for the President

The members of the Presidency have started to gather at the headquarters of the Democratic League of Kosovo.

Former Minister of Health, Armend Zemaj and former Minister of Agriculture, Besian Mustafa, were also seen entering.

In this meeting is expected to be taken a decision regarding the issue of electing the President, a position which is aimed at Vjosa Osmani, who left the LDK to win later in the general parliamentary elections, where he ran together with the Vetëvendosje Movement. the party of its former political rival, Albin Kurti.

LDK leader, Lumir Abdixhiku, after the early parliamentary elections has met at least twice with Vjosa Osmani to discuss the possibility of MPs of this party to support him to be elected president.

Osmani definitely needs the support of her former party to take the position of head of state, as the other two opposition parties, PDK and AAK, have openly stated that they will not do so.

The LDK will decide today on the meeting of the Presidency, which excluded senior party officials such as Agim Veliu and Driton Selmanaj, who were considered the biggest ‘enemies’ of Osman and guilty of the worst result ever that the party won in the February 14 election. Veliu and Selmanaj, but also former Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti, who have been elected MPs, will hardly vote for Vjosa Osmani for president. They think that Osmani had made a mistake by constantly opposing the decisions of the party under the leadership of Isa Mustafa./express

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