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Muhaxheri: I will win Peja without a runoff until 2054 – Latest news

Muhaxheri: I will win Peja without a runoff until 2054

After today’s announcement by the Presidency on the appointment of October 17 for local elections in Kosovo, the current mayor of Peja, Gazmend Muhaxheri spoke.

He has stated that he will protect his stronghold of Peja and that by reaping victories without a runoff.

“You know, as we are used to work, I believe there will be no runoff, until 2054. After 2054 when I will not compete, maybe there will be, we see. “You know, when you take his hand hard, it changes”, Muhaxheri said for “Radio 1”.

Muhaxheri further said that the preparations for the convincing victory of October 17 have started from the day he received the current mandate.

“My preparations for October 17, which was set today, have started from the day I won the elections of this mandate in which we are. So this date is just a continuum of our victories. It will be another victory of mine for the economic well-being of the citizens of our municipality “, declared Muhaxheri.

The current head of the municipality of Peja and the LDK in this municipality, Gazmend Muhaxheri, says that he does not see competition in his municipality, as no other political entity, except the LDK, has defined the final candidacies.

“I do not see competition, because from other entities in Peja are all rumors. Only the LDK has the candidate that I am, ie appointed by the Presidency. “Only the LDK has the known candidate for mayor, the others have to wait until they are nominated and appointed by their political entities”, declared Muhaxheri.

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