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Njoma Zogaj returns, Marigona and Arlinda celebrate the title – Latest News

Njoma Zogaj returns, Marigona and Arlinda celebrate the title

April 10, 2021 – 23:31

Latest news from the sport

The new handball player of the Representative of Kosovo, Njoma Zogaj returned on Saturday to the formation of Aalborg in the B League of Denmark, Zeri.info reports.

Njoma had suffered a serious injury in early December and has not recruited with the squad since. She was in the lineup on Saturday in the match against Ringkobing, but was not activated, reports FHK.

Njoma Zogaj has shown that she is working hard to get back in the best shape and that she expects to have the opportunity in the playoff matches for the transfer to the Super League. For the end of May, when Kosovo gathers, Njoma said that it will be fully ready. EH Aalborg has finished the championship in second place and through the playoffs targets the elite.

The title was celebrated on Saturday by Ringkobing, who defeated Aalborg with a result of 34:31. A week ago Ringkobing secured first place and promotion in the Danish elite. On Saturday, the team featuring our two representatives, sisters Marigona and Arlinda Hajdari, accepted the Cup and celebrated the title of champion. Marigona and Arlinda played in the final match. Marigona scored two goals.

In Switzerland, Luigj Quni scored two goals from three attempts, while his team Amicitia Zuerich lost to the elite by Wacker Thun with a score of 24:21.

In the handball players, the quarterfinal matches of the Cup were played.

Kosovo goalkeeper Kristina Ukaj scored a goal and stopped four of 11 shots in the victory of Spono Eagles against LK Zug II with a result of 37:22.

Second category Olten lost 41:26 to Super League leader Bruehl with a score of 41:26. Arieta Jaha scored 6 goals from 7 attempts for Olten. Merita Shabanaj scored a goal from two attempts.

Bruehl’s second team won against Koeniz with 33:19. Bruehl’s second team competes in the second category. Mendolina Fetaj scored 2 goals from 3 attempts, while Azra Hamiti scored one goal from one attempt. Dafina Saramati played for the Koeniz team. /Zeri.info

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