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Official: Arnautoviohet sentenced by UEFA for insulting Albanian footballer – Latest News

Official: Arnautovic is punished by UEFA after insulting the Albanian footballer

June 16, 2021 – 14:46


UEFA has announced its decision to punish the Austrian representative, Marko Arnautovic with a non-playing match.

Arnautovic will not be able to play in the second match of the group against the Netherlands, which will take place on Thursday night.

The Austrian striker in the first match of Group C against Northern Macedonia, after scoring the goal, addressed the Albanian defender, Ezgjan Ali, with insults.

He insulted her by cursing her mother and used the offensive word “siptarsku”.

Although he apologized even in Albanian, and Aliu himself stated that they clarified with Arnautovic, UEFA condemned him by sending a strong signal that it does not allow discrimination in the events it organizes.

The Football Federation of Albania and Macedonia also reacted to this incident, while FFK did not.

Arnautovic has a father from Serbia and an Austrian mother. /Zeri.info

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