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Official: KF Ulpiana introduces the new coach – Latest News

Official: KF Ulpiana introduces the new coach

July 04, 2021 – 14:31

Latest news from the sport

The club returned to the Kosovo Super League, KF Ulpiana, has introduced today the new coach, writes Zeri.info.

Edlir Tetova has been appointed to the post of coach and was presented today by the Lipjan club.

The 38-year-old from Durrës was recently an assistant coach in Tirana, while he also held the same position in Kukësi and Skënderbeu.

Full notification from KF Ulpiana (without intervention):


The new coach of our club, Edlir Tetova, was presented today in the stadium lobby. In the presence of the Sports Director, Enver Duriqi. Tetovo spoke to reporters about his decision to become part of our big house.

The 38-year-old is a well-known name in the world of sports. He is a good connoisseur of the green field and is very pleased to join the champions’ camp.

“After a handshake with Director Duriqi, Tetovo headed to the” Sami Kelmendi “complex, where it has already joined the team which is being completed and is ready to be put under the orders of the white and blue technician” ./ Zeri .info

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