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PDK leadership against Osman’s vote for president – Latest News

PDK leadership against Osman's vote for president

The incumbent chairman of PDK, Enver Hoxhaj said that yesterday they discussed about their actions for the formation of new institutions.

In a press conference after the meeting of the General Council of PDK, Hoxhaj said that yesterday the party leadership did not support the idea of ​​PDK voting Vjosa Osmani for president, while the same topic said that will be discussed today. in the General Council, reports Zeri.info.

“Yesterday in the Meeting of the Presidency there was no support for such a thing, while today we will discuss in the Steering Council of the party and after they say the last word I will say it. “I do not believe that today there can be a final position on this topic,” Hoxhaj said when asked if his party would vote for Osmani as president.

Hoxhaj also said that today’s meeting of the General Council is a regular meeting and the agenda of our meeting is to talk about the result of the February 14 elections.

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