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Police are not even forgiving their colleagues for traffic violations – Latest News

Police are not even forgiving their colleagues for traffic violations

Kosovo Police continues to appeal to citizens to be aware while participating in traffic.

At the same time, the KP is continuing to cooperate with citizens by fining all those drivers who are committing traffic violations, who are being photographed and filmed by citizens.

This time, the Police has shown that they have fined a colleague of his, after he was photographed with the official car, crossing in full line.

“The vehicle you see in this photo belongs to the Kosovo Police, while after receiving the relevant information, its driver was identified and the Police has taken adequate measures, including the imposition of a fine on this police officer. “All traffic participants, whether they are police officers or others, are required to adhere to traffic rules because zero tolerance will be applied to everyone without distinction,” said the Police.

We recall that the controls by the traffic police have increased after the tragic event that happened some time ago in Koshare of Ferizaj where five members of a family died.

Lieutenant Colonel Jeton Rexhepi, from the Kosovo Police, during the roundtable on “Assessment of the road safety situation from a scientific and academic perspective”, organized by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the University “Hasan Prishtina” and the academy “Tempulli”, stressed that comparing with 2019, in 2021 the number of fatality cases has increased by 9 more cases.

According to him, in the period January-May 2021, 42 people lost their lives in traffic accidents. / Voice



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