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RTS :: Cooperation between Serbia and Britain in bioinformatics

Two hours from London is the Cambridge Biomedical Campus, a place that brings together academia, research, treatment, industry. This allows them to come up with the latest knowledge, even when a solution is not in sight.

More than 15,000 experts work here. Only ten minutes from it is the genome research campus, which gathers about 2,500 scientists. During the pandemic, some mutations of the coronavirus were discovered in that laboratory.

“We discovered the alpha variant and followed the spread of the delta and other variants. At the peak of the pandemic, we sequenced around 60,000 virus samples per week. We deal with the genetics of cancer and hereditary diseases. With this information, we hope to develop better conditions for treatment and diagnostics,” emphasized Dr. Julia Wilson, director at the Sanger Institute.

Our delegation visited another campus, located within Imperial College. About 2,000 scientists, clinicians, and engineers work here. They gather around 500 partners and organizations.

“Innovation allows the private and public sectors to work together to find solutions to the global challenges we face. The Bio4 campus is focused on scientific and clinical research. We believe it is an important area and we hope that in the next few years we can we are cooperating with Serbia within the Bio4 initiative,” says John Anderson, director for strategy of “White City Campus”.

The Minister of Science, Technological Development and Innovation Dr. Jelena Begović points out that she is currently negotiating with various campuses on how to establish a solid cooperation with Great Britain, in order to give our students and our experts a chance to stay in this country and to exchange students together.

After the visit of our delegation, British experts are expected to come to Serbia soon.

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