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Shaip Kamberi reacts to Vuiqiiq’s statements on dialogue – Latest News

Shaip Kamberi reacts to Vuiqiiq's statements about dialogue

The representative of the Albanians in the Assembly of Serbia, Shaip Kamberi, reacted to the Serbian President, Aleksandar Vuiqi., As the latter said that he sees the dialogue with the Prime Minister of Kosovo as meaningless.

Through a Facebook post, Kamberi asks Vuiqiiq “why did he block the dialogue with the elected members of the Valley?”

“We, the elected of the Valley, have been waiting for you for years at the dialogue table from which you left Mr. Vuiqiiq. Since you are in favor of such a dialogue, let us resume the dialogue on ‘the future for the benefit of reducing tensions between Albanians and Serbs’. So, with the Valley and for the Valley you do not want at all “dialogue and negotiations” nor ‘influence in reducing tensions between Serbs and Albanians’. “On the other hand, you want dialogue in Kosovo and for Kosovo only according to your wishes”, he wrote.

Otherwise, Vucic stated today that “Serbia will always take part in the dialogue, whenever it is called, but I do not see much sense in dialogue with Kurti, because he talks only about the past, and not about the future.” / Voice

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