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Shots fired in Trieste after clashes between Albanian and Kosovar workers, eight injured – Latest News

Shots fired in Trieste after a clash between Albanian and Kosovar workers, eight injured

Gunshots were reported this morning in downtown Trieste near a bar. Italian media report that at least eight people were injured in the shooting, which is said to have occurred due to a dispute between groups of foreign workers, Kosovars and Albanians.

According to some sources, the shooting came as a result of disputes over employment issues. After an initial altercation, the groups, consisting of numerous people, also clashed with the irons and then someone pulled out the gun and fired several times.

It is learned that one of the injured is in serious condition.

Investigations are being coordinated by the incumbent prosecutor, Chiara De Grassi, while searches have begun in the area and around the city, as many people have been involved in the case.

The area was cordoned off by police, while police, carabinieri, financial police and ambulances are at the scene.

A witness bartender at the scene tells that at first it seemed like a game between them, until he saw someone lying on the ground unconscious.

“I felt a lot of noise, but at first I did not understand what was happening. People were following each other and it looked like it was a game between them. Then I saw another person one earth, who had fainted and I realized what was happening. I have worked here for 33 years, I have never seen a scene of violence. “I was not afraid.” / A2

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