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The battle for the boosting dose, the debate brings disruption in the US regulator – Latest News

The battle for the boosting dose, the debate brings disruption to the American regulator

September 01, 2021 – 13:36

The third booster dose of anti-covid vaccines will be applied in the United States starting September 20th. However, the White House decision has led to divisions within the US regulator, as it is considered interference in the affairs of science.

Another case with covid-19, another hospitalization and another death.

“These are inevitable and we know it will happen but the probability of a good result is very low. “Especially for the unvaccinated,” says one nurse.

But less than 62 percent of people over the age of 12 are fully immunized, as the push to boost vaccinations continues.

The FDA is evaluating further approvals for anti-covid vaccines, for use in children under 12, and a booster dose, which could be made available starting Sept. 20, according to U.S. health officials.

Jeff Zients, White House coordinator for Covid-19: “We have announced our approach in order to be one step ahead of the virus.”

But the FDA has not given its authorization and a source tells CNN that there has been disruption within the agency over the White House interfering in the work of science.

Jeff Zients: “We have been clear about this and the FDA is conducting an independent assessment with the CDC external panel of experts on the booster dose recommendation.”

But two senior leaders in the vaccine review office are resigning. In a letter related to this development, the director of the agency says that these are difficult times and require extraordinary efforts, as the virus is still in circulation./A2CNN

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