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The condition of the two injured in Dragash / Draga e is stable – Latest News

The condition of the two injured in Dragash / Dragaash is stable

The condition of the two people who were injured by a police officer in the village of Glloboqicë in Dragash / Dragaash is stable.

This was confirmed by the doctor on duty at the Prizren Hospital, Hekuran Veçgishti, where the injured are being treated.

“At around 17:40 in the Emergency Center of the Hospital of Prizren, two wounded were received with firearms. After performing the necessary examinations in the Emergency, the patients, in consultation with the attending surgeon, respectively the orthopedist, were admitted for further treatment in the hospital. Their treatment still continues in the respective wards “.

“One of the patients has wounds in the abdominal region, while the other in the region of the right thigh.”

He confirmed that both injured have undergone operations and are now in stable condition.

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