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The fall of the dictator, today 30 years since the bust of Enver Hoxha fell – Latest News

The fall of the dictator, today 30 years since the fall of the bust of Enver Hoxha

This is a historical photo which proves the collapse of the monument of dictator Enver Hoxha, which marked the end of communism in Albania.

Full 30 years from this day, the Institute for Democracy, Media and Culture has opened the exhibition “The fall of a dictator” in the framework of activities for “Days of Remembrance”.

The exhibition, which will be located near the National Historical Museum, brings well-known and little-known information, from the decision to erect the monument to its demolition, as well as documenting the developments of those days.

German Ambassador to Albania Peter Zingraf promotes culture of commemoration of victims of dictatorship

“Victims of dictatorship have the right to be remembered. It is important to remember each other’s story and to preserve the scene as a memorial.

“An active culture of remembrance is also important, in particular to sensitize young people to the fact that peace, democratic pluralism, tolerance and acceptance are not and have not been taken for granted in the history of Europe,” said the German Ambassador to Albania. Peter Zingraf.

On February 20, 1991, thousands of citizens rose up to overthrow the symbol of communism just months after the old regime had begun to allow political pluralism.

The hunger strike of hundreds of young people in the city of “Studenti” in December 1990, followed with a series of events and acts against the monist system, which culminated with the fall of the statue of Hoxha. This event also sealed the collapse of the last communist dictatorship in Europe. / euronewsal

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