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The long-term worker of the municipality of Ferizaj dies – Latest News

The long-term worker of the municipality of Ferizaj dies

This morning, the long-term worker of the municipality of Ferizaj, Mustafë Zariqi, died.

The news was announced by the mayor of this municipality, Agim Aliu, on which occasion he sent a telegram of condolences.

Aliu said that with the untimely death of Zaric, Ferizaj has lost a distinguished architecture and an honest citizen.

“Telegram of condolences! This morning dawned, shocking and full of sorrow with the news of the death of the longtime employee of the Municipality, the architect from Ferizaj, Mustafë Zariqi. With the premature separation from his life, Ferizaj lost a distinguished architect, a citizen honest, a correct and special collaborator, a precious friend. Mustafa was always characterized in his work, calmness, seriousness and professionalism. A precious value of architecture, professionalism was extinguished. His memory will remain a bright legacy of a hard work for the best. Goodbye my friend who with your premature departure shocked us and left us speechless, just at the moment when we were waiting to win the battle with death. “Words are few to express the pain and sadness. Sincere condolences to the honorable family of Zariqi, colleagues, friends and acquaintances of the deceased”, it is said in Ali’s telegram. / Voice

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