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There isn’t any longer a ready listing for radiation remedy in Sremska Kamenica

More than 150 workers in three shifts are building a new part of one of the most important institutes in the region for decades. It will also be used by oncology, cardiovascular and lung disease patients. The works are complex because one part of the new building is being built over the underground rooms that are in use.

“Where four floors are being built, which are planned to be put under the roof by the New Year.” In addition to the building, a new connecting part is being built, which is being built from the ground up. We are working minus two floors and four more floors,” says Tanja Govedarica, responsible contractor.

1,000 people get cancer every month in Vojvodina, while 600 die. Until recently, these data were more dire, due to waiting lists for radiation therapy.

“The fact is that patients who are being treated for the most serious diseases, oncology patients from this place traveled to Kladovo to be irradiated. And at this moment – quite the opposite picture. We have five accelerators that are in operation here at the institutes, and we are acquiring another one,” said Igor Mirović, Prime Minister of AP Vojvodina.

With the opening of the first facility, Kamenica 3, they are eliminated, operations are performed within a month.

“There is 2,500 square meters with a new day hospital for chemotherapy, we put the x-ray machine into operation, and 84 patients have already been irradiated on it since June, when the machine was put into operation.” The new PET scanner is in operation. So far, 224 patients have already been recorded, explains prof. Dr. Zoran Radovanović, Director of the Institute of Oncology of Vojvodina.

The first buildings were built in the sixties, and the others in the eighties, and five years ago the new building Kamenica 2 was built.

The new building is being built right next to the oldest building at the Institute in Sremska Kamenica – Kamenica 1. Reconstruction of this building is also planned, along with the construction of a parking garage.

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