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Ulcinj in the tourist season, after the pandemic – Latest News

Ulcinj in the tourist season, after the pandemic

June 27, 2021 – 23:38

The Tourist Organization appreciates the preparations for the tourist season on the coast of Ulcinj, known for the highest quality and cleanest beaches in Montenegro and the region. Local officials believe in the basic terms of the rules set for pandemic protection and appeal to landlords to register any tourists staying at their tourist facilities.

This year Ulcinj is expected to be one of the most favorite destinations by local and foreign tourists.

The tourist organization appreciates the preparation for the tourist season on the coast of Ulcinj, known for the highest quality and cleanest beaches in Montenegro.

The president of this organization, Gëzim Hajdinaga believes that this year compared to previous years will be significantly more successful.

“We have good signals for a successful season. Without wanting to make comparisons with previous years, it turns out that in June we have a good visit. The data coming to us from the border point Sukubinë-Muriqan, compared to previous years has an increase in the number of visitors “, said Mr. Hajdinaga.

Hajdinaga believes in the basic conditions of the rules set for pandemic protection, but he also called on citizens to register every tourist who stays in their tourist facilities.

“We have one more reason to respect the measures against the pandemic, also from the fact that COVID-19 is still present. Tourist registration is more than necessary for both guests and our families as the recommendation of the health authorities provides for the coverage of any expenses if they become infected in Ulcinj, but the same does not apply to those who are not registered. “On the contrary, the consequences for them will be very high,” he said.

Hajdinaga describes the agreement on the abolition of border security between Montenegro and Kosovo as a favor to tourism and the free movement of citizens.

“This is a favor for tourists from Kosovo and with this we have eliminated three barriers that they have faced at the border. Any child under the age of 18 can cross the border with any document that has a photo, without ID and passport and the police at the border point Sukubinë-Muriqan will speed up the control by being legitimized at an entrance and not on both sides of the border, as it was “until we learn,” he said.

Mr. Hajdinaga stressed that Ulcinj has a very good experience in terms of rules and cleanliness of the beaches, while some of them have been declared the cleanest beaches on the Montenegrin and Adriatic coasts./VOA

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