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US General: We Stop Ethnic Cleansing of Kosovo Albanians – Latest News

American General: We stopped the ethnic cleansing of Kosovo Albanians

NATO intervention in SRJ has helped stop the ethnic cleansing of Kosovo Albanians, said US General Frederick Ben Hodges, who was commander of US forces in Europe, adding that NATO action provides an opportunity for prudent leaders to find political solutions.

Asked if there was any way to avoid the intervention of the strongest alliance against a European country, Hoxhais told “Voice of America” ​​that he is convinced that a sustainable strategy was needed.

“I believe that the competition of the great powers avoids the conflict of great proportions, in the long run this means a sustainable strategy for the region that improves economic and diplomatic integration. “With concrete investments and the efforts of the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany and France, they may have been able to avoid intervention,” he said.

Regarding the condolences for the families of the civilian victims, including children, Hoxhais said that during his stay in Tashmejdan in Belgrade he visited the “we were children” park set up in honor of the victims (79 children) who died from the bombings.

“Every innocent life is a tragedy, no parent should experience the loss of a child, so we need economic and diplomatic opportunities to avoid conflicts, at the same time nations and leaders must uphold international standards and laws,” he told VOA. .

Regarding armaments from China and Russia, the US general said that each nation is responsible for the security of its own people, but is not sure that Serbia has threats.

“I want to see the continuation of exercises and the possibility for Serbian and American forces and other allies to engage in humanitarian missions and peacekeeping missions,” he said.

“I believe that most young people in Serbia see the future in the opposite direction of the past, they are aware that the best opportunities are the economy, health and education oriented towards the west,” he said.

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