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Vui in Indjija: This will be the biggest exporter from Serbia PHOTO – Business & EconomyEnglish

President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vui, is attending today the ceremonial opening of the tire factory of the Japanese company Toyo Tire in Indjija.

Source: Tanjug Wednesday, December 14, 2022 | 12:06

Photo: B92.net

Photo: B92.net

Japan’s Toyo Tire has announced that the Toyo Tires and Nitto brands will be on the production line at the tire factory in Indjija.

While visiting the factory, Vui stated that this means life, wages and pensions for citizens.

“Life depends on this. Already 460 people work, we live for this, this is what changes us, changes Serbia. These are salaries and pensions, Serbia’s progress depends on this, without it there is no progress. This changes everything. This is probably the best company in the world. Without it, there is no progress. We dreamed of this two years ago when the construction of the factory began. It will be the largest exporter from Serbia,” said Vui.

The president wished the employees happy work and much success.

He also stated that company representatives told him that the opening of that factory was just the beginning and that they wanted to invest in new plants.

“They would like to be here again, and I would like to be somewhere else, it will be a fight,” said Vui jokingly.

When asked if it was difficult to come to Serbia, the representative replied that Serbia is friendly towards Japan and that the Japanese respect Serbs very much.

“For me, the most important thing is always how many people are employed, others think that this is the most important thing – that there are no complaints, but as you can see, everything works. Novi Sad and Belgrade have never been closer. Indjija has done an excellent job in every sense. Everyone comes here because it’s close to Novi Sad, schools, Belgrade…” said Vui.

“This is the only factory in Serbia that no one has ever had complaints about when it comes to ecology. This factory is about 117 square meters and has the most modern machines,” said Vui.

“We have done additional infrastructure works and invested everything that was necessary for this factory, and now we are thinking that already next year we will start working on the project documentation, along with course strengthening the railway network and everything else that is needed, and to widen the road to Belgrade and Novi Sad for two or four more lanes and to get ready for some time in the future,” said Vui.

He added that about 150, 200 trucks will leave Pancevo now, and about 500 trucks will leave Continental a day when everything is finished.

“It will cause additional congestion, every country should be happy when it has so many trucks that it can see, we are happy and that is why it is important to look further to develop the infrastructure,” added Vui.

Here, salaries for people in production are higher than 900 euros, said the president.

“We already have a huge shortage of workers with secondary education, craftsmen and a shortage of people for the IT sector. The digitalization process is very important. We now have two factories that are asking for a concession to import another 1,500 workers from abroad, “Because there are none in Serbia. When I spoke about it, they laughed at me 3-4 years ago. Now they don’t, because we are looking to employ our craftsmen, because these are the professions of the future. Today, we are making a difference compared to the region, precisely because of the dual education, so we’ll see if it pays off,” said the president.

The President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vui, addressed the public and emphasized the importance of this particular factory:

“Today is a special day and we rarely have such special days. This is not only the only Toyo Tires factory in Europe, but also the best in the world. Five years ago, we started dreaming of this dream. After many, many decades , we managed to start some things. This is probably the best factory in the world, the best in terms of equipment. We have achieved our dream. We expect that the best tires for the whole world will leave here: “Made in Serbia” .The total value of the investment is currently 273 million, and it will be significantly more than 300. Thank you all. We can freely say that we fulfilled some of our dreams,” said Vui.

Photo: B92.net

Photo: B92.net

Toyo Tire Corporation has been one of the world’s leading tire manufacturers for more than 70 years, with seven tire plants and four auto parts plants, as well as nearly 13,000 employees worldwide.

The production line includes the Toyo Tires and Nitto brands, known for their outstanding features and quality, which account for 85 percent of Toyo Tire Corporation’s total sales, the statement said.

The export of the Toyo company, as announced at the beginning of the works on the construction of the factory in Indjija on December 15, 2020, will be at the level of 240 million euros, and will be one of the most important and powerful exporters from the territory of Serbia.

It is an investment worth 382 million euros, which is the largest Japanese investment in Serbia so far.

Toyo announced that the factory in Indjija will produce five million Toyo tires annually by 2023 with around 560 Serbian workers.

At the beginning of the works, the representatives of the company announced that the latest technology will be used in the factory in Serbia and the highest quality products will be produced at the most competitive prices, as well as in an energy efficient manner.

The municipality of Indjija has provided land with an area of ​​63 hectares and the necessary infrastructure.

Photo: B92.net

Photo: B92.net

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