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A person arrested in Merdare, suspected of smuggling two minors – Latest News

A person is arrested in Merdare, suspected of smuggling two minors

A person has been arrested who is suspected of smuggling with immigrants, reports Zeri.info.

Kosovo Police has announced that the suspect QP at the border checkpoint in Merdare had Italian license plates and five people in the car, two citizens of Slovakia and three other Kosovar citizens.

“Today, on 10.06.2021, around 12:01 at the Border Crossing Point (BCP) Merdare at the exit of the Republic of Kosovo, during the border control procedures of vehicles and passengers, a vehicle with Italian license plates was checked. In the car were five people, two citizens of Slovakia (mother and son, years of birth 1986 and 2017), a Kosovar male QP year of birth 1996 and two Kosovar male minors. Police during the treatment of persons create suspicion that this may be a case of trafficking in migrants. Police interviewed the suspect QP in the presence of his lawyer. The two victims (juveniles, Kosovar men) were also interviewed in the presence of their parents “, it is stated in the notification of the Police.

The notice further states that during the interview procedures and other evidence, it is suspected that the two juveniles, Kosovar men, had prior agreement with the suspect to be sent to Italy without possessing documents to move to the Schengen area.

“The case was notified to the custodial prosecutor by a decision of which the suspect is sent to detention on suspicion of involvement in the criminal offense of ‘smuggling with immigrants'”, the announcement concludes. / Voice

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