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Occasions of June 11th

In all schools, the first class is dedicated to June 12 – Peace Day. (Schools in Kosovo, time 08:00)

The Social Democratic Party holds activity. (Near the Rectorate of UP, Prishtina, time 09:30)

The Assembly holds a plenary session. Prime Minister Albin Kurti reports on the dialogue with Serbia. (Plenary session hall, time 10:00)

The Coalition of NGOs for Child Protection (KOMF) in partnership with Terre des hommes, holds a workshop for journalists and child protection professionals on “Media reporting based on standards and the best interests of the child”. (Hotel “Sirius”, Prishtina, time 10:00)

LDK Foreign Policy Department organizes a roundtable discussion on “Strengthening the sovereignty and independence of Kosovo”, with David Philips. (Hotel “Sirius”, Prishtina, time 11:00)

The Student Parliament of UP “Hasan Prishtina”, holds activity in front of the building of the Serbian Orthodox Church. (UP Campus, time 11:00)

The Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Arbërie Nagavci, holds a press conference, talks about the work that has been done in MEST since she took office as Minister. (MEST facility, time 12:00)

Activities in honor of June 14, the Liberation Day of the municipality of Rahovec.

Agenda of activities:

12:30 – Unveiling of the memorial plaque in the main house of the KLA in the village of Krusha e Madhe

13:00 – Unveiling of the memorial plaque in the main house of the KLA in the village of Celina

17:00 – Sports competition in futsal – Sports Gym “Mizahir Isma”.

The Municipality of Prizren opens the exhibition “Spring Art Salon” in honor of the June Holidays. (Cinema Europa, Prizren, time 13:00)

The concert of the Philharmonic Orchestra of the University of Fine Arts of Tirana “Ibrahim Madhi” soloist Kastriot Tusha is held. (Lumbardh Cinema Hall, Prizren, time 19:00)

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