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Official: Light shields talent Driton Islami – Latest News

Official: Driton shields Driton Islami talent

June 10, 2021 – 23:28


Driton Islami has renewed his contract with the Kosovo runner-up, Drita.

Islam has signed a contract for the next three years.

releases e full e light:

“Drilon Islami continues with the club

Drilon Islami one of the most hard-working footballers, a wise and dedicated boy wants to leave a mark on the club.

Two years ago Driloni came from the team of Ferizaj as a young talent, to be formed and to mature as a footballer in our country.

For these two years, his progress was extraordinary and from match to match as a true professional he used every minute that coach Nuhiu gave him to gain even more trust of the coach.

After the meeting we had between the leaders of the club and Drilon, an agreement was reached for Drilon to be with us for the next three years and where Drilon is expected to give his contribution to the club’s projects.

“I am very happy to have continued with the club. My wish was for me to continue here and of course I am very happy that the club also believes a lot in me.

I am aware that my rise as a footballer is thanks to the club where I am and thanks to the work of the coaches so I am very grateful to him. “I will try to grow even more as a footballer in order to contribute even more to the club”, it is written in the communiqué. /Zeri.info

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