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Academicians introduced their scientific and analysis works on the Belgrade congress

The goal of the project is to train students to write scientific research papers, acquire practical skills, critical thinking and promote science and engineering.

Twenty-five students of the third and fourth year of undergraduate and master’s studies at the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, Biology and Chemistry presented their works.

“I will show the synthesis and characterization: how we put together a composite material that is basically metal, reinforced with basal fibers from the construction industry,” says TMF Master’s student Danica Maksimović.

Nevena was the best last year. The Congress, he says, is important for several reasons.

“To work on a common spirit and to open up the possibility for better collegiality between not only students, but also students and professors through the project, and later in the future,” says TMF master’s student Nevena Jaćimović.

They exhibit their works first in May, at a small exhibition.

“Professors of our faculty, who make up the jury, evaluate and rank the papers according to quality and presentation. After that, the students plan to produce a paper, which is a requirement for presentation at the SNIRS TMF congress,” explains the head of the Center for Scientific and Research Works of TMF Students Sara Segic.

What interests academics

Academics are primarily interested in chemical engineering, environmental protection, obtaining and properties of new materials, biotechnology and biochemical engineering.

“Their results are at the level of doctoral students, even though they are students of basic academic studies, which they confirmed by participating recently in a serious international conference,” says Professor Đorđe Veljković from the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, University of Belgrade.

At the congress, the three best papers and the best presenter are chosen.

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